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Friday, January 13, 2012

Dont be give up of your self..

MAN JADDA WA JADA"Don't give up..Iit leads you toward sucess" .. this sentence always become my close friends. In the evening, as usual, I used to spend my time on the sea. Hear the hissing waves are quite melancholy, reminds me of my childhood. I feel like there is nothing that can be proud of in my life. I do not have the opportunity to school as my other friends. Every time they play, they would tell about funny stories in school. There's a story of grief, and there are also a delight as they laughed  out loudly together. As i never have any experience about school, I do not understand what the schools is. What I know, school is the place to get many friends. They often ask me, "why do you not go to school? school is very fun ... "My heart felt in sorrow  . They do not understand what I am experiencing. let only me facing the obstacle given. Although I do not understand what is patience and perseverance, I never complained about this condition. I just want to share happiness with my friends. Multiple attempts are made by my parents to rehabilitate me. However, only fate can determine my health . My father seems like understand of my desire,therefore he teaches me reading and writing every night. Although he was very strict in teaching, I am very grateful to him because he always want the best for my self. When i watch on television drama that tells the story about teacher, it comes to my mind to become a teacher. But how? Can I? .. Until I was an adult, I longed to be someone who can be very proud of everyone. On one occasion, when I almost recovered, I became more motivated to go to school. With the help of my parent's friend, I was placed in a secondary school at my age of fourteen years old. I counted right look of student dropouts, I was placed with the students level 1. I am very happy and very grateful to God for always listening my request. Despite with my mixed feelings of joy and shame, I fixed my feet  going to school - sometimes i heard insinuations of other students that whispered each other that i am silly girl. I am always becomes the teacher's conversation's topic because they really worry about future result that affecting their school performance. ... Ah .. I don't care about is what people have said .. like what people say .. "What i care about?!. I strengthened my resolve to become people who can help others in the future. On the first time of my exam, my teacher asked me to copy totally the answer of my beside friend. All students laughing... because I took a copy during the exam ... Patience .. patience .. I become more stronger holding my ambition. I never give up to meet teachers individually to each of the learning that I do not understand .. Sometimes, I was scolded by the teacher, but I adhere to the principle that pleasure of a teacher will lead to a successful . On the second day of my examination, I try to answer myself every inch of the question. Almost of the questions  I failed to answer. What I can do at that moment is just prayed, and threw the dice in the answer choices .. ha .. ha .. I just try my luck. When the results were announced, I am just accept.. i must be the last. When the announced .. I got the number 34 .. I was really surprised .. Is my cassmates were 35? .. I embrace my teacher and asked ..is that the right result? All students got applauded and congratulated for me because I am not the last numbers ... to be continued ... www.allvictorrose.blogspot.com

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